Living Room Wall Decals Ideas

By Bonice Decor Team


Some people may think we are obsessed with wall decals. But...we are!

It's the DIY era in the design industry. Each day is more common for someone to decorate their own house than hire somebody. We have become very self-sufficient and passionate about doing it yourself by knowing us more, searching for styles that we like (or don't).

Wall decals in specific come in this part, it is so easy to think of a style or personality of your interior design. Yet, not easy at all when you want to achieve it. Custom decals can fulfill so many needs of style. The looks that your rooms can have are unimaginable.

We are going to show you some ideas that may be of your interest. Easy to achieve, low budget and full of creativity. 


Hallways for days Incorporate an Accent Wall 

Incorporate an accent wall!

As we know, the process of decorating each room or space can be disorganized, with many doubts and sometimes frustration. The most questions of what to do or how to fill a space, is in the hallways or just a wall that doesn't seem to fit in the house and has no purpose.

Good news! This ‘’Empty spaces’’, can be the best accent decoration you can have in your home.

The best idea is to either paint or position a wall decal! Listen to us and follow this advice. You can now make your home decor so easy, pleasant and more important, you can do it yourself! Think of some colors or patterns and purchase custom vinyl with the design that you want and that is IT. Position your Peel and stick Wall decal and can add a small table, plants or even some art pieces (yes, you can do this in a moderate way).



Home office Ideas 

Vintage, rustic, eclectic, minimalist or maybe just white?

Do not go for the typical look when it is your personal 24/7 office. 

This year is full of challenges and why not achieve the office or a mini space for work that we all want (yes, all.) 

Even before the pandemic situation we all wanted to create a dreamy space of work. So let's work! 

All styles are valid, think of a color, pattern, or designs that can make you feel relaxed, calm and not saturate your space with so many things.

A good idea is to think about figures or patterns that you like. For example, a wall full of flowers/plants stickers, a wallpaper of a calendar that you can see easily and modify or even a customized vinyl decal with your name on it!



Nursery room or Kids room

Now, we are getting serious. 

If you think a wallpaper can save your life in the rest of the rooms in the house. Well, the most challenging rooms are right here. 

Children change a lot over time and very quickly. What you want to avoid is complicated stuff and an unsatisfied kid.

Thankfully, there are infinite stickers, wallpapers and custom decals for children nowadays. 

You can go from some airplanes, clouds, flowers or dog patterns on the wall. Or stick a decal of your kid preference. Like it is Peppa pig, Mario Bross, Transformers, Dora and much more!

Transform your Bedroom with some wallpaper ideas 

Wallpaper is an easy way to elevate a room. The key is to choose a pattern or palette of color that goes with you and also has a neutral look, so you can work everything out. Yes, it can be the most difficult place to use your decoration ideas. But maybe is your chance to make it a calm, relaxed, full of life or whatever personality you want to give it. To achieve a more Zen calm space, try natural colors/textures. If you want to achieve a modern art aesthetic kind of idea, go with colors or fun wallpapers with customized art in it.





Kitchen makeover with a new personality

Try a new style to your kitchen. Did you know this is one of the most forgotten walls in all the house spaces?

Why not give it a turn and make it unique? Add some culture, food patterns, flowery vibes or even just a tile wallpaper! 




DIY Bathroom decor

Most wanted DIY! Bathrooms are an important impression, and a big influence on the design.

You can play and do a playful bathroom, a sexy one by giving it a dark look or jungle style with plant wallpaper or even a Zen look using neutral patterns and textures. A modern look with fun and colorful decals.





Not an ordinary Dining room 

Not all dining must have the same look do they?

Of course not!

We have gotten so better in design innovation and new ideas, that we don't have to see the same old wall that your grandma used in the 90’s. We can use it, but we are going to do a little upgrade to the quality of modern design…


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