Minimalist first

New year, new decor!

We are so excited for a new year because one of our favorite parts to start a new chapter is definitely home decor.

On Bonice we have been working on new designs and we bet on new minimalist proposals. (psst you can check new arrivals here on the page)

We have been really happy with the results, so it was a big yes to write a blog about minimalist design ideas.

Keep it simple!

How to decor a living room? Recently on Bonice we have been obsessed with polka dots, so we have a new design… polka mania over here!

What do you think about it? The benefit of this design is that there are simple tiny black dots, you can play with your color furniture and decorations.

Dinner Time!

One of our favorite spots at houses is dining rooms, but why? Because is the place where you can receive people and let them feel part of the family, plus is a room where you can set it up in a pretty fancy way.

Bed Time

Bedrooms are a kind of a sanctuary for many of us, so having a symbol on bedrooms can have a pretty nice and personal meaning.

Do you know what is a mandala? We are sure you have already seen a lot of them, but a mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Asian cultures, is a representation of the universe, or as a guide for many practices in Asian traditions.

So here at Bonice, we decided to create a mandala´s wall pattern, perfect for a bedroom!

Let your joy and happiness fly at the mandala´s vibes.


Color splash!

One thing we love about kitchens is that, is a place where the family can be together, is a room full of joy for foodies lovers, so we have an amazing option for you and give it a pop of color to your kitchen.


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