Bye bye 2020…

Finally, we are so close to new years eve. Definitley 2020 has been a tough year in all the world. The arrival of covid-19 has made a 180 twist to everybody's lives.

We think that has been a pretty difficult year in so many ways, we must be grateful for the ones that every single day must attend from the first hand this pandemic; doctors, nurses, volunteers, associations, etc to mention some.

At the long of this year, at Bonice we keep doing the best for all of you, every day we work on new designs because what you see is an amazing work team!

In the last few post, we have been talking about simple things that you can do in your home because the reality is that the situation we are passing through doesn't allow us to do be back on our normal life, so that means many of us has been more at home than other years.

That's why we love to write to you, to show you our tips and recommendations to set up and change you're home a little bit. A neat, calm, and cool space will let you be more in a peaceful space.

For this 2021 that is coming, we most are reloaded for the best change on one, so in this post is not like the past one that we talk about decoration, this one is the last one of the year, of 2020, a year to be always remembered, because even we want it or not, this year has taught us a lot of things.

We wish you the best in the world, you are about to start a new chapter so write the best versión for you!

Happy New Year

-Bonice Team


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